If you would like to reach the Oldham County community this is the place to do it. By advertising on OldhamCountyHomes.com people moving into the area will find our advertisers, and see our listings of service providers and contractors, long before they ever move here. Advertising on Oldham County Homes is easy and inexpensive. Just as visible as our parent site www.oldhamcounty.com, the Oldham County Homes site offers you the opportunity to get your message or listing seen. It is well known Oldham County is one of Kentucky's fastest growing areas and has the highest earning per capita in the state.

www.oldhamcounty.com is entering our fourth year as the preferred community website for both community information and advertising ventures. Our text listings or our banner ads are both flexible and configurable. You can have a text listing in one of the prime categories or use standard banner ads as seen above or below these page either static or dynamically animated to draw attention or a custom ad to meet your criteria and all for a very competitive price.

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